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The Paver tech Digital team

Meet our Team

Paver Tech Digital was founded by those who love Media, Create media, and Share Media. What better way to get on the fast track with our vast connections and experience in dealing with Digital Media.

Our team at Paver Tech Digital is dedicated to sourcing the best solutions for you. Be it digital marketing, sponsorship or or even seeking online crowdfunding campaigns for your one idea that will change the world.

To find out more on our range of services we provide do drop us a message and say “hi”, our team will respond to you as soon as possible to gather the information and requirements you have so we can get to work.

Start growing your audience today!

Start growing your audience today!

Everything You Need

  • 13 years of experience in our team to manage your content and media
  • A proxy to handle your negotiations and deals
  • A team to perform mitigation and follow up of your reputation or brand
  • Transparent and reliable, no hidden charges
  • Oversee and provide a birds eye view of your online digital presence

You will be getting all of the above and much more are among the services we provide.

Finally “a few good men” pun intended… That can handle all my potential leads and filter which deals are in the best interest for the organizations growth and expansion.
Chris CKK
Founder, The Academy of Magic
Education and Learning
This is the most comprehensive agency who can manage my sponsors and daily tasks, so I can focus on being a Gamer and YouTuber. Good job keep it up guys!
Joe “Warden” Iz
Youtuber, Game Reviewer, Pro-Gamer
Social Influencer and KOL
They have helped us to gain more insight on our leads from Ad Campaigns we run, and focus down on getting the right target audiences in terms of spending power.
Vince Tan
Director, Apple Physiology Centre
Health and Physiology
A boutique agency that focusses on a any clients industry. That is why we engaged them to manage our lead generation and growth campaigns. We are seeing growth!
Dr Manvin
Chief Dental Surgeon, MS Dental
Dental Surgery

Start getting better leads and business growth today.

Share your story with us and let us open your horizons. We are all about good stories of hope and dreams, waiting to unfold, and with our touch may it turn legendary that will be retold by many more.

Common Questions

It all starts by first sending us an email. Do share with us what it is you wan tot achieve and your industry sector and what it is you are having troubles with. We love to listen and learn more about your stories so long as its not an over exposure of your private and confidential data, which we have strict and clad tights NDA’s for that. Email us your story at; mystory(at)pavertechdigital(dot)com. (replacing the at with “@” and the dot with a “.” we do this on our site to avoid spam bots)

We have always served our client’s online, and since the coming of the Covid-19 2020 pandemic, even more so that our staffs and team members are all now working from remote locations or in the safety of their own homes. Most of our client to client meetings are conducted via the available common communication channels such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Skype, Microsoft Team, Zoom, Google Meet, and even Ding Talk. Not heard of any of these? well no problem, just sent us an email, and we will get back to you on the tools your comfortable with. (email in the first FAQ)

All payments and banking transfer methods will be share with you once you have engaged us on contract as a client. once you have established a certain repo with use we are also flexible and have many means of receiving funds such as, through PayPal, using international bank SWIFT Codes and even Cryptocurrencies.

Ours project teams will plan and share the content and reports with you through the use of existing cloud drives from Microsoft OneDrive to Google Drive. From here we can explore curated contents with our clients, and will be used as a means to manage projects or long term campaigns where by reports are neatly organized so we can track every step of the progress along the way with a Gantt Charts or Flowcharts if needed.

This is our primary focus. The act of advertising online and reaching out works, if not it would not build the empires such as Google and Facebook that we see today. In terms of getting any feedback or leads, so far we have not fallen short on that. We understand most client’s will seek a return on investment in order to grow their businesses.

However, keep in mind we also have the right to advice and turn down your products or services should it not follow certain community guidelines and rules within the set group of your targeted audience laid out by our multitude of service advertising providers. The real question is, if your product or service will be well received by your target audience? This is entirely based on several factors which we can provide our expertise and consultation, for you to reflect and make your final conclusions.

In engaging our services our aim is to delivery what we have promised, however we do understand that there are times where extenuating circumstances may circumvent between our client or us. In contract the terms, and periods which we will service or run your campaign will already include a running cost based on the fee’s and services granted, and it is dependent on the balance form the “ads budget” which is not fully utilized (“ad-budgets – less the commissioned fee’s agreed upon”) may be returned if unused. All fee’s related to service, retainers, commissions and security deposits, are non-refundable. The return process may take up to 30-120 working days once we make have establish the reason of your contract withdrawal and we ” the Agency” does not owe any funds, pending or uncharged to our service advertising providers on ad campaigns your ads have ran on.

For more info on this you may email our legal departments to clarify the terms of our contract. legal(at)pavertechdigital(dot)com.

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